I was born in Virginia, but grew up in Montana. I’ve been bucked off horses and own one pair of cowboy boots.

Most my life I've lived and worked in Montana. But this year is different. I moved to Flint, Michigan to intern for the Flint Journal. I was curious about the community and wanted a challenge. You'll find my work there for the next six months. 

I love what I do because it's always unpredictable. It's my life’s goal to document the human experience as creatively as possible. When people let me in and I get to tell their story it makes my heart go thump, thump.

I work hard to bring connections to people by exploring themes like identity, home, relationships and transition. I like to elevate the voices of people who show that gender, sexual orientation, race and socioeconomic status is not a disability but an opportunity to ignite change in their communities.

I've learned my greatest lessons and found my best stories while feature hunting. 

I believe deeply in community, collaboration and teamwork. Let’s work together! Better yet, let's wear cowboy boots. 

Available for freelance work. Here is my resume.

You can contact me at [email protected] 

Or let's connect elsewhere: 

Self portrait taken in Billings, Montana.

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