I was born in Virginia, but grew up in Montana. I’ve been bucked off horses and own one pair of cowboy boots.

Now, I’m a photojournalist based in Billings, Montana.

I love what I do because it is always unpredictable. It is my life’s goal to document the human experience as creatively as possible. When people let me in and I get to tell their stories through still and moving pictures it makes my heart go thump, thump.

I work hard to bring connections to people by exploring themes like identity, home, relationships and transition.

I've learned my greatest lessons and found my best stories while feature hunting. 

I believe deeply in community, collaboration and teamwork. Let’s be friends! Better yet, let's wear cowboy boots. 

Available for freelance work. Here is my resume.

You can contact me at brontewittpenn@gmail.com 

Or let's connect elsewhere: 

Photo by Karissa Frye, @karissalfrye

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